Josie Rizal: First Pinay Character for Tekken 7 – Hungry Geeks

Earlier this morning, Bandai Namco Games held a special event focused entirely on new characters that will appear on Tekken 7. According to the game developers, Tekken’s character pool will soon be expanded with an addition of three characters: the return of Jin Kazama and Devil Jin, and a newcomer who is a Filipina named Josie Rizal.

Last year’s rumors was focused on Jollibee but we can’t take that seriously as he/she is not really applicable to Tekken’s environment. Josie, however, is a more suitable character to be in the game. Her name is a homage to Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine’s national hero and a legendary figure known by all Filipinos that is regarded as one of the country’s leading and historical person.

Watch the video of Josie Rizal below. Notice how her moves are similar to Asuka, Hwaorang and Paul.

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