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Ordering food today can be done with just one call, but with restaurants having a unique number for each is a hassle to remember. Plus, sometimes even your favorite restaurant isn’t available since they have no delivery service.

Fortunately food delivery service Kanguru is now available here in the Philippines, ultimately the goal of Kanguru is to deliver food to your doorstep as soon as possible. People from Kanguru let us experience the service to try it out for ourselves. Using our phone we downloaded the App via the Google / Apple store and started to register.

You can order food from multiple restaurants, just make sure that your current pouch is only from one restaurant. Meaning you have to completely close one transaction in one restaurant first before ordering in other restaurants. This is good if you want meat in one restaurant and dessert in the other one.

We got our food as in less than one hour, we ordered food good for 5 people. Considering that the restaurant is from Makati City to our home in Ortigas Center, then it’s quite fast.

What we liked in the service is that every step from ordering, release of food from the restaurant to the arrival in doorstep is all monitored. We are pleased with the SMS notifications every step of the way.

Pros and Cons

Overall Kanguru is definitely for people who wants to crave more than the usual fastfood restaurants. If they can improve the app more in terms of inserting address and having debit / creditcard transactions then you have a winner, though you have to give it to Kanguru since they are just relatively new.

For more details you can watch this video or visit Kanguru PH

Kanguru Food Delivery Instructional VideoFood truck parks are pretty great, but wouldn’t it be way better if you could have all of your favorite restaurants in one convenient place? Let’s say, your pocket? Well now you can! Now available on iOS and Android, Kanguru food delivery is just a tap away so you’re sure to never have a ‘hangry moment’, ever again. #KanguruPH #DeliciousFoodAHopAway #FoodiePH

Posted by Kanguru on Monday, November 16, 2015



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