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Pipes, a  news app that was launched last year, 2015 helped us get on track with the topics that we are interested in, received a huge update with a brand new minimalist design packed with new features.

The all-new Pipes 2.0, which was released yesterday, comes with an improved design that makes the app more visually appealing and easier to navigate to.

The app previously featured a home page that contains the top stories together with the topics that you were subscribed to, but now it offers a “Pipeline” tab that gives you a combination of the news from all the topics that you are currently subscribed to.

An added feature called “What’s Hot” helps you find other pipes that you can read, this shows popular topics and trending news. This is a very handy tool if you are exploring other kinds of topics.

The app store has a huge number of great news apps, like Flipboard and Circa to name a few. But the all new Pipes 2.0 offers a unique take by giving the users easy access to subscribe to multiple topics, people, and stories and combines them all together in a minimalist layout.

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