After posting an initial price of PhP 80,000 for the 64GB variant of the iPhone X, Kimstore has dropped the price of the iPhone X pre-orders starting at PhP 69,000 just a day after the initial pre-order call.

Credits to Kimstore.

Kimstore will be accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X from November 2 to 8. Buyers will be treated with a free Flash Wireless Charging pad for pre-ordering either the 64GB variant of the iPhone X for PhP 69,000 or the 256GB version for PhP 79,000.

Meanwhile, Widget City has yet to drop their pre-order price of the iPhone X. At this time, the prices still remain at PhP 90,000 for the 64GB version of the iPhone X while the 256GB variant is currently priced at PhP 105,000.

Is PhP 69,000 still too much for an Apple iPhone X? Comment down below. We’d like to know what you think!