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AOC Philippines gave us the opportunity to watch the much awaited Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle. We were more than glad to see the movie as this was one of our much-anticipated movies for the year, with too much superhero movies flooded by DC and Marvel recently…Kingsman is a fresh breath for the movie industry.

Now this movie review will have some spoilers, but we will try to minimize them as much as possible.

As with the main character “Eggsy” continues his new chapter as an official Kingsman agent “Galahad”. The story continues through a new villain town called “The Golden Circle”, whereas the 1st movie is the mobile cellular service that tries to kill everyone.

The movie tries to latch on a society common problem to gain empathy and this time it’s about using illegal drugs. The Golden Circle is a secret organization that is selling drugs worldwide, in order to be part of the group…you need to have a 24K gold embedded in your body.

The whole Kingsman organization was set down as The Golden Circle was able to hack into Kingsman’s system. Which results to survivors Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) to engage doomsday protocol and search for help.

As you can see in the original trailer, you can see the original agent Galahad. Which makes an interesting twist for the movie as he was shot dead in the 1st one. It turns out that he was rescued by another entity similar to Kingsman which is Statesman.

Expanding the story, the world of a secret agent in British isn’t unique at all with Statesman in Kentucky USA. With the world of being a cowboy, the prim and proper world of lassos, whips and cowboy boots become the tool of a Statesman Agent. Hence where Channing Tatum and Halley Barry shows up.

Their main enemy, Ms.Poppy (Juliane Moore) set the world on a time bomb to kill every drug user through a poison in all drugs. Overall that’s all the story I’m giving, and I believe it’s too much.

Overall Kingsman improved their slow-mo fight scenes with more details, less of the shaky camera but more into action. Dramatic effects are also more prominent with each character given more emotions.

Unfortunately, there were too many scenes we think not that important. The movie revolves into Eggsy but with too many branches, from having a relationship, crisis, memory recall and even dates. Perhaps there were too many characters introduced that they weren’t given too much highlight.

We take Halley Barrey and Channing Tatum as their spotlights aren’t that long, we think they are more of a gear towards the 3rd installment. But overall, Kingsman The Golden Circle maintained a well entertaining film. The details are so good, it makes us want to have the orange suit of Eggsy.

A fair warning that you might get dizzy with this movie if you are easy to motion sickness. But if you’re into 3D effects where no camera has gone before, then we think you’ll enjoy Kingsman even more.

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