Kingston is bringing faster and reliable storage options in the Philippines

    As one of the leading memory storage product and technology solution provider in the world, Kingston is now pushing fast and reliable storage options in the Philippines by teaming up with channel partners to promote the authorized partner program in the Philippines.

    Since its launch, Kingston now have more than 300 authorized stores nationwide in the Philippines. In order to find the right storage solution for you, well-trained brand ambassadors can guide you to Kingston’s range of products.

    Aside from receiving assistance, customers can also expect seasonal promotions to bring even more value to their purchase. Here are just a few of the available products available from Kingston in the Philippines:

    A range of memory cards

    For content creators, photographers, and videographers, a reliable and fast memory card is needed to get those lovely 4K UHD shots. Kingston is offering a wide range of memory cards of varying capacities.

    Plenty of flash drives to choose from

    A USB flash drive is always handy to have. From transferring files from one computer to another or sharing your files, a flash drive will always be a permanent staple in our lives.

    Fast memory and SSDs for gamers

    If you want your games to load fast and run on its peak performance, fast SSDs and RAM sticks are a requirement for your precious rig.

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