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K-Pop and Meat can be the best thing in the world- at KPUB BBQ Restaurant. And with the Filipino culture still hook on the KPOP fad, pairing it with our taste for good barbecue and unli-food culture with the mix of singing and drinking; KPUB BBQ Restaurant is a sure fire hit.

Dubbed as the biggest Korean Pop Culture/Meat All-You-Can/Korean BBQ place in the Philippines, KPUB has made a name for itself as one of the hippest and coolest place for a party with both it’s Taguig, and Trinoma branch accommodating almost 500 diners in one sitting. Unlike some clubs that offers the similar dark hip place, KPUB offers the party, youthful feel accompanied with spotlights, laser and strobe lights and live music together with good, honest and clean Korean barbecue food.

We visited their Trinoma branch, as we were located on the north side of the Metro, and the experience was downright the best choice for our dinner. Although, we have not visited their Taguig branch, friends describe it as an awesome ear-to-stomach epic experience as well.

Korean Condiments

Have you eaten in an authentic Korean restaurant lately? Usually; these are equipped with oriental-style restaurant design, while serving unlimited traditional Korean condiments that includes the crowd-favorite kimchi, awesome mashed potato, egg soup and mongo sprouts. KPUB offers the same with a slight difference with the egg soup being loaded on top of a thinly-cooked crunchy pancake, and a plate of salad; plus they serve delicious; a bit-spicy tasting kimchi rice!

Straight to the Food


Their basic menu includes a 499Php which has a one hour time limit, with all the meat that includes beef sukiyaki, pork belly, Korean bacon, marinated pork belly and chicken on sweet and spicy sauce, marinated pork chop, marinated chicken n sweet soy sauce, for a hefty barbecue meal, spring rolls, and the appetizers. All this for below 500Php, and take note  that all meat are unlimited


an upgraded version where more offerings which include pizza, dish, garlic butter shrimp, fish fillet, calamari, fish tofu, lamb chorizo, kimbob, japchae, and all the meat goodness from the 499Php set and is priced only for 699Php. This set meal, has also a one-hour time limit.


If you have a bigger appetite, the 899Php set menu will bring you a huge smile on your face. This will include all meat included on the first two sets but will include marinated beef short rib, marinated cross-cut beef short rib, marinated pork slice in sweet soy sauce and 1 Korean ice cream of your choice for the road. (Yes, melona is included). This set, will not have a one-hour time limit. Stay, relax and enjoy your food.


The last set is priced at 999Php with all the meat from all the sets plus salmon belly, salmon steak, fresh prawns, tempura, seafood pizza, seafood salad, seafood kimbab, seafood japchae, Gyoza dumplings and assorted vegetables. One free ice cream is also included to wash off that happy grin from all the food you have consumed under the 999Php banner.


Apart from the four main sets you could choose from, you may wish to order Ala Carte for smaller appetite diners. Beverages ranges from fresh fruit shakes, Pepsi products (sorry for Coke Zero drinkers), juices, local beers and of course, Soju, Korean Wines and a few imported beer. Skewers and some bar chows are also available.

With all those choices, we opted to try the basic 499Php set menu; we thought that given one hour and our appetite that night it will be an easy dining experience. Yes, it was fun and exciting but once all the meat was served after the scrumptious appetizer we were getting tired; and was slowly losing our focus on cooking our food.

Challenge accepted! It was not a sad and depressing feeling, to the contrary, the food was gramazingly great and delicious. We were trying to keep up chewing and downing meat left and right, while cooking more meat onto our magnificent griller.

We started with the non-marinated meats, and finished off with the marinated ones. We were served three different sauces which includes sweet and spicy, spicy and salty and their secret KPUB sauce that was surprisingly delicious (it resembled a soup so we thought the taste would be a bit funny.) You may want to get a fourth one with the oil pummeled with salt and pepper for additional mix of flavor for your meat. It was a great feeling of satisfying our hunger with all those meat; the time-limit boosted our adrenaline to continue and eat our food with the alloted time. Thankfully, we had our bellies happy in a span of one hour.

Ambiance, Comfort and Service

The ambiance was very club-ish type, with huge LCD mounted all over the place for added entertainment and korean feel. Non-stop KPOP songs were being played together with its corresponding music video. A bit loud for my personal taste, but the comfort varies on where you are seated, there a booth type-couches, but we were situated on mono-block okay to good sitting comfort. Apart from that; it featured a stage were bands could play, they also have a Rockeoke night on some days; but on our night specifically we were serenaded by Elmerjun Hilario from the Voice season 2.

Service-wise, it was great, the waiters assisted us all the way through by helping us cook our food; immediately refiling meat that we requested; we never run out of water; and they refilled our condiments (kimchi especially) with no qualms. All the meat looks edible and fresh while the griller looks squeaky clean. The staff replaces it even before it any dark burnt spot is visible. Great Service!

Photo courtesy of Conquering the Metro

Bravo! This was one of the best foodgasmic experience that we had. If you are a fan of KPOP or Korean BBQ, then let us recommend KPUB Barbeque restaurant. We also recommend them for the young and hip food-explorer of today’s world; as the chic design and comfortable setting will get your imagination running and having fun at the same time. Over-all, food was awesome, the ambiance was exciting and surprising, music is a bit loud for my taste, live music from time to time was a good addition and the service was absolutely amazing. Despite going away from the traditional Korean-designed restaurant that we were accustomed to; KPUB is one heck of a restaurant for the modern Korean-food lover.

There are two branches of KPub the first one located at The Fort Bonifacio Globlal City and the other inside Trinoma mall. Both seems to be open from Monday to Sunday, and closes late so you may want to go-in before your late night clubbing in the BGC area or around the Q.C. area. You may also checkout their website here, or their facebook page here for more information.



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