Leaked images of iPhone 8 reveals fingerprint scanner at the rear

    Apple has not yet announced the iPhone 8, but the California-based firm is expected to announce their latest flagship smartphone within the year, although there’s no definite date yet. An alleged image of the iPhone 8 just before it is shipped out from a Foxconn factory shows off the rear design of the smartphone with a telltale sign of a fingerprint scanner below the Apple logo.

    Credits to bbs.feng.com.

    Recent leaks points the iPhone 8 will focus on using an iris scanner instead of a traditional fingerprint sensor. This picture, however, reveals that Apple might be integrating a fingerprint scanner with their iris scanning technology. Maybe they had some problems in the implementation of the iris scanner? We’re not sure yet as details about the iPhone 8 are scarce at best. We can also tell by the leaked image that the rear has a dual-camera setup although there’s no information yet about the specifications of the sensors that are going to be used in the iPhone 8.

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