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Samsung is currently hitting hard on the market with their flagship phones: the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s an awesome phone, but rumor has it that the sales are not going according to plan and Samsung is trying its best to improve. They currently have other options like by making the Galaxy S6 available in two sizes.

A couple of fascinating leaks have emerged this week claiming to reveal the existence of both a high powered 4.6-inch Galaxy S6 and a 5.5-inch ‘Galaxy S6 Plus’, the bigger however, has the same curved display similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge.

4.8-inch Galaxy S6

GSMArena is one of the company to break the news about the smaller S6 version due to an unexpected arrival on the GFX Benchmark entitled ‘SM-G9198’.

GFX is widely used to test Android handsets. It logs the data on all models that pass through it, making them publicly available and what is unusual about the devise is its iPhone 6 comparable screen size and resolution, backed up with the same premium Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 similar to the LG G4

The former is nothing new. Numerous times Samsung had ‘Mini’ versions of their Galaxy phones, but this is the fires time it is making a huge effort to match Apple’s smaller iPhone by giving it incredible specs. It includes a 15MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and a RAM of 2GB.

5.5-inch Galaxy S6 Plus

The larger version however, has been circling around the internet for quite a while now and it maybe be coming soon. This time, Italy’s famous HDBlog was the first one to get the information. Developed under the codename ‘Project Zero 2’ (the S6 and S6 edge were called ‘Project Zero’).

Rumor has it that the upcoming Galaxy S6 Plus won’t have a stylus and there will be no expandable memory or removable battery either. Although it will have the same dual sized curved screens as the Galaxy S6 Edge. Of course, it will also have a significant larger battery.

Let’s expect that a formal announcement will happen within a few weeks.

Are these phones a good idea? Maybe no, knowing that there are about three more Galaxy models coming our way.



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