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Mazda Philippines has been supporting the AAP through the years with its Motor Sports Development Program (MSDP). Recently, they introduced their renewed partnership through the handover of 5 units of Mazda 2 S SkyActiv Hatch for students of the program to use.

Mazda Philippines president and CEO Steven Tan reiterated Mazda’s commitment not only to discovering new racing talent but also in doing its share in educating the youth on the proper way to drive.

“It is really important to start out learning how to drive well,” shares Tan. “It is less useful to be criticizing driving on the road because we all have to do our part in teaching people the right way to drive. We are proud to be associated with the AAP in supporting MSDP. It started off small two years ago and now that the program has taken off, we are very encouraged with the results. And this is why we decided to give AAP five fresh Mazda2 cars for them to use in the MSDP. This is one program that really works. “

Mazda highlights their G-Vectoring Control (GVC) in new Mazda 2, 3, CX5 and even the Mazda 6 Sports Wagon. They promote better torque to wheel control for less distortion and shaking, making your experience more manageable and less fatigue in long drives.

MSDP offers any enthusiast of motor sports to join, they offer modular classes to learn how to properly drive in a “Motors Sports” methodology. Practically, anyone can join the modular classes for a small fee per class and you use your own vehicle to learn the classes. Various students with different kinds of cars even to SUVs are enrolled, they learn proper handling when doing sharp turns, circles and even fast type reversing.

In our day spending of module 1, we learned how to do circles, sharp turns and even a long course of hard stops, accelerations, and even curves.

Just remember that the skills thought here aren’t the usual ones done by driving schools. Motor Sports is all about being achieving the fastest time even if you don’t look you’re going fast.

Along with the formal handover of the new cars, Mazda also took the opportunity to introduce the Jinba Ittai Academy. With the support of the AAP, the program not only aims to share Mazda’s philosophy of connecting the driver to his car to make driving fun and engaging but to also correlate this with proven driving techniques and Mazda’s design and engineering innovations that together enhance car control and elevate driving a pleasure. Future plans with the AAP to expand the Jinbai Ittai Academy’s audience are underway.

Mazda will soon announce more about their upcoming Jinbai Ittai Academy, more or less Mazda owners will get special offers for this interesting field. So that’s it, more power for Mazda in supporting the local motor sports.



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