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Conquering the gaming scene doesn’t just require the skills. It also requires proper equipment especially in FPS Games where choosing the right gear is quite important. To narrow down your choices, maybe this review on the Bloody ZL5 and Bloody R8A coming from A4Tech can help you decide.


Both the Bloody ZL5 and Bloody R8A is wrapped in your typical gaming peripheral flip box. The box shows metallic gray borders on every side with the Bloody hand logo on the top. The front of the box of both mice shows the image of the mouse and its feet to give emphasis to the peripherals metal bottom.

The back of both packages shows a closer look of both and every function they offer. The R8A’s box, however, shows the features of the mouse in a neatly laid out fashion compared to the Bloody ZL5.

 Bloody R8A Box (Back Part)

Bloody ZL5 Box (Back Part)

Once the front flaps are opened, it will reveal the mouse in a blister pack. The blister pack will aid the user to experience holding the mouse without opening it just yet. This is just to experience if the grip is more or less the grip you are looking for. The flap show what the Bloody ZL5 really offers for hardcore FPS gamers while the R8A’s flap gives emphasis to the structure of the mouse’s feet.

Bloody ZL5 doesn’t offer much in terms of accessories for the package, it only includes two bloody logo stickers, a card that gives the link where the user may download the software and a pamphlet that showcases other Bloody products.

On the other hand, For the Blood R8A, the package includes a USB Charging Cable, USB Anti-interference extension cord set, two Bloody logo stickers and a user manual.

Physical Build Overview:

The Bloody R8A is a bit smaller than the ZL5. Though with the size, Bloody made good with the build quality incorporating a fine-matte-like texture which is good for sweaty hands, but as I’ve experienced before, this matte finish will slowly fade as it is used overtime.

The R8A is designed with an aggressive skull-like design and a breathing-like effect of lighting for the Bloody logo with a V-ish line below the logo. The weight of R8A is a bit heavier than other mouse in the market which goes perfect with light-handed gamers. The mouse features three buttons and since this mouse is made for hardcore gamers, the buttons will be useful creating profiles for users to define for their specific gaming needs (with the software). It is also used for switching guns the player is used to on FPS games. I am not actually exactly a fan of a wireless mouse, but this one made me one.

The A4Tech ZL5 greets us with its gaming oriented stature despite of its broadness. It features 9 physical buttons and all of it will definitely prove to become a huge advantage during a match with the user’s favorite FPS games, or any game you would like in particular. It comes with a red and black wire that gives you that aggressive gaming look that you want.

The scroll wheel of the mouse also provides a substantial feel which actually made my middle finger to stay there comfortably. The mouse shows the breathing red light of Bloody Logo and the scroll wheel also lights up with colors depending on the gun mode the user activated. The trigger like switch on the side will help the user to change his gun mode with just a flick of his finger giving him an advantage over his opponents. The mouse also offers another extra button on the left side that will drop your DPI. This will help when you’re aiming with your sniper. It improves the control and the steadiness of the mouse while being on that scope aiming straight for the head of your enemy.

Both mice has a lot to offer for the gamers like it both has metallic feet for better precision. But sad to say, I don’t think ZL5 is an ambidextrous peripheral just because of the positioning of its buttons. However, if you want an ambidextrous mouse, then I’m recommending you to get yourself the R8A.


Both mice uses the same software, Bloody 5, and installing it is as easy as ABC. It’s like your typical software installation procedures wherein you can actually just press “Next” until the installation is done. However, both mouse doesn’t come with an installation disk that’s why the user have to download it from their website (as seen on the card).

The ZL5 mouse cannot actually use the full software and requires an activation code. However, the software offers a free trial for those who are interested what the software can really offer to improve the user’s experience with the mouse.

A button tab that the user may use as a guide or change the function of each of R8A’s buttons!

Sensitivity tab is also present in the software. How can a player increase his accuracy and precision if he can’t adjust his mouse’s sensitivity, right?

Now, for the R8A, it allows for the gamer to use every function the software has. It can use all of the cores and it has an additional feature of “Oscar Macro” and “Super Combo.”

The “Super Combo” tab offers simplification of the user’s MMORPG combos and a lot more!

One of the functions that the software offers for the R8A mouse is the “Guard” tab. It allows the user the change the frame rate depending on the usage of the mouse, it shows the current battery level of the mouse and power saving adjustments.

That’s what the Bloody5 offers and with the right use, it will really be a big help to conquer the game any user will be playing.

Experience and Conslusion

I used the ZL5 for playing FPS games like the classic, Counter Strike. Honestly speaking, I really didn’t appreciate the mouse until I learned how to use the different function of each of its buttons. When I used the ZL5 to play DotA 2, it really does made me aim my skills easier. Using both for one whole week made me feel comfortable with both as if it’s made for me. The only problem I had with the mouse is the accidental tapping of my thumb to the trigger like button on the side which causes sudden change of profile and orientation; though in time, I think everyone can get used to using both mice.

The R8A is a great mouse as well. I enjoyed playing it for a week or so playing DotA and other RPG games. The fatigue I experienced for prolonged using of the mouse, compared to other mice, was less because of its high precision Laser sensor. I also tried using the mouse in different textures in order to test its laser sensor and it did not failed me. This mouse delivers a great deal when there are no mouse mats available around! The battery juice can last for up to 27 hours! Charging is easy as well for it comes with a USB connector.

You might think that these mice will be pricey due to its specs and what it can offer. Nah, bro. You’re wrong. These two are great equipments for a really low price!

The R8A is retailed for only P1,999 and as of the ZL5, it is priced for only P1,600! Both mouse are really comfortable to use with its ergonomic build, functional buttons and hopefully durability. The thing is, both mice looks like it came from the book of Corsair peripherals, the R8A looks more like the Corsair Raptor M40 and the ZL5 has similar look with the Vengeance M95; aside from that, it completely revolves around A4Tech’s identity of value oriented peripherals.

ZL5 Pros:

ZL5 Cons:

R8A Pros:

 R8A Cons:

Thank you to Sir Patrick Rioflorido, our guest contributor for this review!



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