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LEGO. The mere mention of the word can induce goosebumps upon any mortal man or woman. It might even make you remember some fun or awkward memories. Even so, might also remind you to buy one just for the heck of it, despite being a grown man. Anyhow, I’ve been playing a mobile game in the past two weeks and it’s called, Lego Quest & Collect. It’s been taking up a lot of my time recently and with that, I decided to share my experience about the said game.


While LEGO storylines aren’t known for being original, they sure are entertaining. In the beginning, the world of Lego Quest & Collect was actually quite peaceful and serene. This is due to the power of the Master Brick, a piece of Lego that can grant anything the user desires, provided that the can be made out of LEGO bricks. Anyhow, one day, an archetypical villain arrives, steals the Master Brick, consequently throwing the balance of the world out of the window. This is where the player gets in.

Remember that this is still a game that kids can play. So don’t expect much in terms of mature story development.

Banding together a wide assortment of heroes and misfits, the player must compose a team of characters from various LEGO worlds to retake the Master Brick. This journey takes the players through wonderfully crafted worlds complete with the occasional bosses and angry inhabitants.


It can be said that Lego Quest & Collect is an action-RPG. It’s more of a number crunching game that has real-time player intervention. The meat of this game are the missions. The missions only have one objective: Kill the Boss in that area. It doesn’t sound much fun but the enjoyment is realized in how numbers are increased and the game’s way of showing progression.

Each LEGO character has a unique ability and traits. These traits are determined by the quality, shown by the star, and the level of the character itself. Heroes can be categorized into three different roles: Attacker, Defender, and Support (Healer). Though their roles can be similar, each character also has an “Utlimate Skill” which can be unleashed in the battlefield.

The game’s own implementation of a “grid” system, or block system in this case, allows players to customize heroes. It can be used to further increase their strengths, or to compensate for weaknesses.

While experience is acquired by smashing other LEGO villains and stars as rewards for completing missions, it doesn’t impact much in a character’s growth. Leveling a character is an automated process. The only thing that the player can manipulate is the game’s grid system. Here, as the character grows, more space is acquired, leaving more room for attaching blocks for Health, Attack, Defense, etc. Adding these supplemental blocks increases the character’s performance in a mission.

Events such as this one, a wave clear mode, lengthens the game’s already robust content.

Among other things, LEGO Quest & Collect also has various distractions. One is the multiplayer. Here, the player must make use of a team of three heroes to fight against the team of other players. Rewards are handed out after each match. Enemy players are likely to be controlled by AI as you’ll just have to pick a number of them to execute a match.

While quite imposing to look at at first, the game’s lobby is chock full of things you can do.

Another quick distraction is the Diorama. As the name already implies, players can create their very own settings using LEGO bricks. It’s not a manual process as the player has no hand in placing the bricks. However, once bricks are collected after excursions, the player can build structures that would provide passive bonuses in missions.


With everything on-screen constantly moving, it’s not surprising that it can be quite demanding at times.

Despite being a game about LEGO, the game is rendered via the formidable Unreal Engine 4, of course, in lite. Though it might be demanding to some players, especially missions in which the screen is bombarded with light, the game overall runs smoothly.

While I did experience initial crashes, the game ran well after those intense missions. My concern was immediately solved by lowering the graphics of this game (3 presets: Low, Med, High).

I can say that not everyphone can run this as the game is quite intense in both calculations and graphics processing. My phone (ZF3 Max) actually heated up while playing this game. It was that intense!

Verdict and F2P Thoughts

A game that lets yo fight giant mechs, angry gorillas, helicopters, and giant spiders? Count me in!

Should you play it? Yes. I was actually quite cautious about the game as I wasn’t really that much of a fan of mobile games. But in someway, I had to get into it as it is a large contributor in this age’s gaming industry. One thing is for certain though: it isn’t boring.

To encourage everyday play, the game also gives a variety of rewards for the usual customers.

Lego Quest & Collect might be an oddball to some as the name doesn’t even give an inkling of it being a  Action/RPG, but on the larger scale of things, if you try it, you’ll most likely love it. Especially if you’re a player that loves seeing flying numbers appearing on the screen.

It’s also one of those that’s filled with features, probably due to it being sponsored by LEGO? I don’t know. But for an F2P game, it sure gives a lot of excitement.

You don’t necessarily need to pay to progress in Lego Quest & Collect

So let’s talk about the game’s approach to F2P. While farming levels isn’t allowed as you’re only given a limited number of tries everyday, the game is quite generous in giving it as a number of quests/tasks are provided everyday. The game’s paid currency: crystals, can also be steadily farmed. While heroes can be bought, a free one is provided everyday, thus removing the necessity of relying on payment to progress. Even so, if you’re willing to splurge money on the game, the rewards are appropriately given as the player can purchase crates of higher value, exponentially limiting the chances of getting an odd loot.

All in all, Lego Quest & Collect is one mobile game I can recommend. It provides excitement without having to go through a large paywall, probably the highest praise I can give to an F2P game. Other than providing excitement, it screams quality due to its audio tracks and mesmerizing images (despite being made out of blocks). I’m not much of a fan of mobile games but this is one that actually sticks.

Just to add, the developers, Nexon, is quite very active in dishing out events and updates, so the game has a large potential to change, making it a worthy investment if you’re into these type of games.

The game is available in the iOS and Android.



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