Lenovo outs Premium Care warranty for their notebooks | News and Reviews

Lenovo is adding Premium Care warranty on select notebooks. Premium Care will extend the warranty to 24 months with additional perks such as on-site coverage and 24/7 hotline among others.

Currently, the Lenovo Premium Care warranty will be automatically available for Lenovo 300 series, IdeaPad series, and Lenovo Legion series of notebooks. Perks for the Premium Care program include:

Notebooks purchased back in 2018 will retroactively have Premium Care if they are part of the Lenovo notebooks stated above. Those who don’t qualify can still enroll for Premium Care for PhP 4,995.

If you’re interested in the warranty status of your Lenovo notebook, you can check out this site. You can also check out Lenovo’s official Facebook account if you want to know more about their Premium Warranty program.

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