LG G4 Pre-Ordering Live, G3 Prices Going Down! – Hungry Geeks

The next flagship coming from LG would be the camera-powerhouse G4, and are already in a pre-order basis that started last May 15 and will end in May 31, 2015.

The LG G4 will pack a 5.5″QHD Quantum Display, with an outstanding 16MP rear camera with F1.8 apperture and has a manual mode you could tinker with. The front camera will have an 8MP and will be powered by Snapdragon 808 with 1.8GHz  a slight upgrade to the former camera and power from the LG G3. It will come alive with a 3000mAH removable battery and will also come with Dual SIM slot.

The Pre-Order kit will come with a 32GB micro SD card woth around 1,000Php, a battery, a battery case and an extra battery charger worth 2,500Php for free; plus an extended warranty for two years!

The leather-backed variant (Brown, Black, Red) will be priced at 32,990Php while the plastic-metallic finish will be priced at 31,990Php (Shiny Gold, Black Titan, Ceramic White).

If you are trying to get one as soon as it comes out with all the freebies included with it. Then check out this link. 

But if you are trying to save some cash, the G3 which is fairly new could be another choice. The G4, compared to the G3 only has a slight advantage over the G3. Camera-wise, and processing-wise, the G4 is really an upgrade, but the G3 still looks and feel as if it still stands out as new flagship phone with its very premium look. The G3 is now priced at almost half of what the G4 will be priced when it comes out.

Lazada’s lowest variant at 8GB could set you back for 14,665Php , while Widget City sells it for 17,480Php for the 32GB variant. Kimstore’s 16 GB is at the median with 15880Php.



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