LG Q6 rumored to be the LG G6 Mini | News and Reviews

It’s been rumored that LG is working on a mini version of the G6. Evan Blas, a relatively reputable leaker, has revealed that the LG G6 Mini will be actually sold under the moniker LG Q6.

The LG Q6 could look like a smaller G6.

Allegedly currently undergoing FCC certification, the Q6 is rumored to have a 5.4-inch 18:9 screen, which is only a bit smaller compared to the G6’s 5.7-inch screen but it does keep the 18:9 aspect ratio.

For the camera, the LG Q6 is said to have a 13MP rear shooter, which is a step down to the dual camera setup of the G6. RAM has also been reduced to 3GB from 4GB. Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmation on what chipset the Q6 will be using.

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