LogHome LH5000F Review – Welcome to a new age of door locks

    This is our door at home before, made of Narra wood and delicately hand carved, and more than 30 years of age now to fit our humble home. Throughout the years, this door has handled a lot of beating such as strong typhoons and even Ondoy. Fast forward to today, our door lock needs to retire due to constant locking problems and old age.

    That’s why we were surprised when LifeAutomated, a distributor of LogHome digital door locks is offering the LH5000 at a tempting price. In our previous discussion, we highlighted that digital door locks aren’t something we caught on in the Philippines. We still prefer the old fashion double barrel locks and adding a layer on top of the current one.

    But since its 2018, it was time for a makeover of our door. We had several problems solved by switching to digital door locks.

    • No bringing of keys to enter (Since our old door lock needed keys to open)
    • No hassle of looking for keys as everyone’s fingerprint is registered
    • Everyone can lock the door and only registered ones can enter.

    In my experience, installation took 4 hours in total with the help of Life Automated’s professional installers. They brought tools fitted per step from drilling, carving and even filling gaps after the installations. Installation service is a separate Php1,500 fee, but its ensured that the hole is aligned for the lock.

    The LogHome LH5000F Digital Door lock is an affordable option for your door to be fit for today’s generation. You can register fingerprints or codes to enter, also have RFID tags included in the package for keychains or other everyday items.

    It runs on 4 AA batteries that are estimated to run for 8 months (Energizer) in regular use. We think this isn’t bad since it’s more than half a year and keys can still manually open the door just in case. Also, a 9V battery terminal is located at the front for emergency cases that it runs out of juice while outside.

    Now, it’s easier to access our main door house with peace of mind. Definitely, an investment worth considering as Digital door locks in malls similar to the specifications of the LH5000F  is around Php31,000. That is a huge difference from the SRP of LifeAutomated for the LH500F at Php9,500.

    The price difference is huge and there are more options to choose from when you search from LifeAutomated.

    Life Automated is a distributor of home improvement technologies such as door locks. You can check out their website via www.lifeautomatedph.com

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