Mazer Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

    Another book adaptation?

    Movie adaptations of popular books series are now a trend – directors are trying their best to bring the book to life on the big screen and sometimes they fail miserably. Most of the time, it’s because they skip out important parts and are giving their best effort to squeeze in that huge number of pages to a 2-hour film.

    But still, fans would love to see their favorite books come to life, and that’s why the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is a good movie to watch. It offers an exciting and action-packed adventure that maybe not relating to the movie title itself.

    So, what’s the story all about now?


    The second part of the trilogy based on a popular novel continues the action that began with a group of teenagers that were trapped in a huge maze, only to escape and find themselves involved in a more life-threatening, post-apocalyptic world.


    The movie’s tagline “The maze was just a beginning” may be a little off and was not the appropriate line to use – maybe “Get the hell out of there” was more convincing.

    Is it good?


    It’s very subjective. From the opening moments of the movie until the ending, the movie lives up to it’s title because there’s a hell lot of chase sequence after another. There’s sprinting, climbing and more running from the organization, surprising zombies from the dawn of the dead and thunderbolts from Zeus. Fortunately, it really gets the job done of making each action scenes unique and making you feel that it isn’t just running that they’re doing.


    Given on how the action scenes move, there seems to be a problem with the emotional reactions of the characters and the main plot. The plot twist is very predictable that you’ll get bored on the ending scenes that will lead to the next chapter. Instead of focusing on the scenes that will build up the whole story, the movie seems to have focused more on non-sensical scenes just to remind you that the title “Maze Runner” is all about people running away from something.

    Should I watch it?


    You should. After all those disappointments that I mentioned above, there are still some genuinely thrilling and entertaining scenes in The Scorch Trials that will make up from the lack of substance and story. It’s true that the series are far way off from each other, the movie still manages to leave you wanting more after the ending scene – expected in a 2/3 part of the trilogy.

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