Meet the new Samsung Gear 360 2017

    The new Samsung Gear 360 2017 is now smaller and more shareable. It can now do 4K 360 videos and even broadcast live in social media. It even has its own external storage up to 256GB for longer recording time.

    New 360 Cam

    Battery life is up to 130 minues of recording, when recording 2560×1280@30fps. So that’s more than enough for one day of 360 videos and photo memories of a trip.

    The 2017 Gear 360 has video – up to 4096×2048 (24fps) and still images up to 15M (5472×2736). Resolutions are rich and right for this generation of a new method of sharing.

    No pricing is yet available for the new Gear 360, but it’s estimated to be in the $350 – $450 price point. For here in the Philippines, there isn’t any solid availability yet but we think it’s coming for sure.

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