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We see a lot of accessories brand in the market, but some of them are just branded cables from a certain factory. This means that anyone can just make a good packaging to make it look good and expensive, that’s why some accessories can earn up to 1000% from its cost.

But with you in mind, Cherry Mobile’s accessory arm Pyxis aims to provide the best value for your mobile device without the expensive price tag. They not only serve for cherry mobile phones, but for all mobile products.

We will walk you through all the products, perhaps you will need one of them someday.

Bubble Gum cables

Anyone loves colorful cables, you can buy these cute USB 2.0 Bubble Gum cables that are available in Micro USB 2.0, Lightning and USB Type-C. Each type of cable is available in 7 colors which are Violet, Black, Gray, Blue, Apple green, Red and Pink.

These cute colored cables are capable of data and charging, but do remember that each cable can only carry up to 1.5A in charge. So connecting it to a USB 3.0 port might trigger problems like what we encountered with our lighting cable.

Bubble Gum Cable Black Bubble Gum Lightning Cable Red Bubble Gum Lighting cable

Reversible Cables

2-in-1 cables are also available, what’s nice is the reversible MicroUSB cable which you don’t have to locate the right side of the cable. This is very ideal for a permanent cable in your car or pc, especially when in a hurry.

Lightning & MicroUSB is also available for those who have both android and lighting smartphones. In our case, this is perfect as our primary phone is iOS while our secondary is android. Though there isn’t a lightning and type-c cable available yet, perhaps in the future.


If you have an entry-level to mid-range phone, Pyxis chargers are also available for purchase. These charges carry 1A output for safe charging speed and available in black or white. You can also choose just the charging head or with a cable, making them ideal as an extra charger to place in your home or bag.


The PE-100 is the most basic earphones of Pyxis, they are in-ear earphones that are available in Purple, White, Red, Black and Yellow. Sounds are basic and have good ergonomics, very ideal for everyday use.

A more bass version is available with the PE-101, it also has an aluminum body that can carry more bass for low frequencies. The ear buds are also made of jelly as compared to the rubber to the PE-100.

VE Monk Plus

This ain’t a Japanese snack, but the packaging for clever earphones called VE Monk Plus.

To give you a better understanding, these VE Monk Plus earphones don’t go for the expensive packaging but gives the savings to the audio driver. As a result, these inexpensive earphones might look cheap but sounds good.

Music has decent bass, warm mid-range and even high notes can be heard. For earphones worth Php495, they are worth the price as they can beat earphones around 3x its price.

So don’t judge the book by its cover as VE Monk Plus can we literally the bang for your buck.

Car Accessories

Pyxis also have car chargers with up to 3.1A output in two USB ports. This is great for mid-range devices or tablet charging in your car. Plus, if you need to place your device in your car safely, they have an anti-slip mat holder.


Pyxis accessories are all affordable, this is great as it’s a source for trusted accessories over white branded ones that can charge at a more expensive price. Come on, a USB Type-C cable for others will cost more than 500 where Pyxis just sells it for Php149!

Here are the prices of all the items featured

You can buy Pyxis accessories at Cherry Mobile kiosks and stores nationwide.

That’s it! We will soon give away some cables along with phones that we will giveaway as part of our anniversary. Stay tuned at for our next giveaway!



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