Meet the all new Toyota Hiace – Reshaping Possibilities

    The Toyota Hiace is the forefront commuter van of the Philippines, with its outstanding record since the early 1950’s, the Hiace is surprisingly selling the most in the Philippines due to the country’s vast commuter / business oriented lifestyle. This 2019, the Japanese automaker just revealed three models reshaping the ever popular commuting van.

    First of all, the new Toyota Hiace finally puts the engine at the front for better performance and enhanced comfort especially cabin noise as the engine is no longer directly vibrating in the body. Additionally, Toyota ensured enhanced comfort with wider body, additional suspension support, illuminated entry system and even charging ports (for Grandia)

    Toyota Hiace Commuter Deluxe

    The entry level of all is the Hiace Commuter Deluxe that revolutionizes the commuter van, we honestly like the new front engine placement that gives the Hiace a nose, unlike previous generations that it’s flat and rather too boxy.

    From the favorite commuter van, the Hiace Commuter Deluxe now comes with a powerful 1GD-FTV 2.8L Diesel engine with 6-speed AT/MT transmission. Additional safety standards are added such as wider and illuminated entry ledge, more headroom space, less radius in turns and even additional airbag for front passenger.

    The Hiace Commuter Deluxe also takes the cockpit design from the boring gray dashboard to the two-tone dashboard similar to the Fortuner, new Vios and even the latest Toyota models with a flat dashboard system.

    Audio system is pretty basic, we wished that Toyota could have included a touchscreen display here or even steering controls for better price justification. But overall, its a welcomed rehaul from the previous generation.

    Toyota Hiace GL Grandia

    Our beloved van of desire for the ultimate family trip is now more beautiful in our opinion, its similar to an Alphard with a more toned down look but with the same aesthetics. The new Grandia elevates premium vans with 13 seats individually to seat in fabric two tone settings, plus the leg room is now longer than before. Additionally, it now includes a 6.8″ touchscreen audio infotainment, cruise control, wide quarter panel for enhanced driver visibility.

    What impressed us is the inclusion of a vehicle stability control and get this, 2.1A individual charging USB ports for all rows for gadget lovers. This is definitely a must-have for long haul trips like Baguio or even SM North to MOA via EDSA.

    Overhead aircon is now more aerodynamically suitable for longer reach, hopefully, this solves the issue of the naughty passengers taking all the aircon vent.

    The steering, dashboard and center console is similar to the bigger SUV vehicles like the Fortuner especially the more angled steering wheel and gear shift. Even the sides are all power window with the master controls now more prominent.

    Toyota Hiace Grandia Tourer

    The step board is redesigned as well inspired by the Japanese trains according to some representatives, we actually felt this design inspiration as the whole new Hiace looks like a bullet train from Japan.

    Amusingly the GL Grandia Tourer has a much higher head clearance which even an almost 6ft person can stand easily. The Grandia tourer ensures less vibration in the chassis thanks to its semi-bonnet shape.


    The new Toyota Hiace will be available in all Toyota dealerships with sales starting this April 2019, prices range from Php1.59M to 2.23M while in comparison the old generation Hiace ranges from 1.59M to 2.16M.

    Toyota Motor Philippines aims to target selling 1,600 units per month of the new Hiace that focuses on business and Family oriented Filipinos. According to Toyota, purchasers of the Hiace are either business and family combined profiles or pure family-oriented users.

    GL Grandia Tourer A/T 2,235,000 Luxury Pearl Toning
    2,220,000 Silver Mica Metallic, Light Blue Metallic (Special Order)
    GL Grandia Tourer M/T 2,160,000 Luxury Pearl Toning
    2,145,000 Silver Mica Metallic, Light Blue Metallic (Special Order)
    GL Grandia A/T 2,063,000 Luxury Pearl Toning
    2,048,000 Silver Mica Metallic, Black Mica
    GL Grandia M/T 1,988,000 Luxury Pearl Toning
    1,973,000 Silver Mica Metallic, Black Mica
    Commuter Deluxe 1,590,000 Silver Mica Metallic White


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