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Have you ever asked yourself why you worked so hard yet you haven’t achieved something you always wanted? Well, if it’s a mid-life crisis or even just a phase with life…that is something every one of us will face eventually.

Mercedes Benz takes on a whole different approach to today’s generation, a new way for the brand to touch through emotional and powerful videos that inspire everyone to “Grow Up”.

Grow Up is a series of videos that hits you straight to reality, what do we mean? As a millennial myself, we all strive to be the best we can be. Sometimes, it’s even forgetting our values to get what we want. That’s why Mercedes Benz wants us to be reminded that in order to Grow Up and aspire for the things in life, we need to be the best we can be.

From spending time with family, getting a job, starting a family, getting married, being a good parent, settling down and more are some things we need to realize to have a proper and happy life.

With all the chaotic things in life, it reminds us to be a gentleman, work hard, minding our manners, respecting elders, getting a real job, getting married, spending time with family, being responsible, dress proper, starting a family and be humble to listen to advice. Those simple things will give you the perspective to grow up and aspire to the much better things in life.

Our personal favorite out of all the videos is the “Be a good parent”, nothing beats realizing the time of our lives is limited.

Just like Mercedes Benz’s A-Class, B-Class, CLA, and GLA cars, all of those models are what successful people aspire for today. Something that can represent their success, hard work and a reflection of their personality.

More than just getting to your destination, you should also consider your journey’s style, comfort and again…something that will represent you. One thing is for sure, having a Mercedes Benz is one way to achieve that.

This approach is really interesting for such a tight brand, here in the Philippines having a Benz is more than just being wealthy but also a status symbol. By introducing “Grow Up”, Mercedes Benz is changing their way to see how having a Benz means like. So as an aspiring Millenial, go ahead and grow up and aspire for the best in life.



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