Meta.Us hosts DOTA 2 Open League in PH in partnership with JBL | News and Reviews

Philippines is a well-known country in esports. In order to look and train for the next pro team, Meta.Us is hosting a DOTA 2 Open League where anyone can join to show off their gaming skills. In partnership with JBL, the tourney will last over 5 months and will be divided among three categories: Open League, Junior League, and Senior League.

The Meat.Us DOTA 2 Open League will run through August until January 2021. Playing in the opens will earn you and your team Meta Rank points, which can qualify you for the Junior and Senior Divisions. A prize pool of PhP 255,000 is up for grabs for the winners as well as the chance to get coaching sessions from players of TNC Predator.

In order to capture the interest of DOTA enthusiasts, weekly recaps, highlights, and player interviews done by well-known DOTA 2 personalities in the Philippines will be part of the league series.

Do you think you and your team have the mettle to take on other aspiring teams? You can register in the Meta.Us Philippines DOTA 2 Open tournament via their website. You can also check out streams, highlights, and updates through MetaMaster on Facebook.

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