MIAS 2017 – Tips to survive the biggest auto-show – Hungry Geeks

MIAS 2017 is the biggest auto show in the Philippines and it will end on April 2, 2017. There are a lot of car brands, trucks, ATVs or even auto-related brands such as accessories, modified vehicles and even insurance! So don’t get overwhelmed with all of the booths and read up to be prepared.

Here are tips how to enjoy and survive this auto-show. 

Aside from those tips, you should also do these

Aside from that, it’s not bad to consider your vehicle a much deserved upgrade or pampering. Car accessory brands offer discounts exclusive to the venue, so why not canvas for a good wax, tire or even a brand new tint?

But don’t be hasty about other items like car insurance or loans, you can always just go online and compare them to sites like An agent can simply be persuasive an offer a tempting item on-site, but you might get a bad deal since it’s best to compare with other brands.

So that’s it! Make sure you have fun and get the best deal at MIAS 2017. Free Wi-Fi is also available at the venue but in our experience it was clunky due to the massive number of people inside, so be sure to have your own data plan so you’re ready to share.



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