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The rumors were right and it’s everything we wanted. Microsoft has just announced the newest Surface product at its education-focused event today. Dubbed as the Surface laptop, it’s an awe-inspiring laptop that wants to go head-to-head with the Chromebook. Plus, it’s the first Surface device that doesn’t transform into a tablet.

Unlike the previous Surface devices, the Surface Laptop is just your ordinary laptop. No weird hinge mechanism, no detachable screen, just a simple laptop that’s meant to for students. Here are the specs:

There are four available colors for you to choose from. It is using the same Alcantara material found on the Surface Pro 4 keyboard which aids the laptop to give you a warm feeling rather than the usual cold and hard metal that Microsoft thinks something that ruins your productivity.

During the event, they promised that the laptop is faster than a 13-inch MacBook Pro while packing more battery life (14.5). Also they promised that you can leave your laptop during the spring break and when you come and use it again, you’ll have the same battery life.

But the big drawback here is that it doesn’t come cheap. The Surface laptop starts at $999 for the base Core i5 model. That’s more expensive than the Chromebook that it wants to go up against. Also, with it running a died-down version of Windows 10, it’s near to the price range of the MacBook Air that runs full MacOS. We’re not sure if it really is the right price, but it’s still too early to tell.



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