MMDA's Friend Trip App Carpooling through Social Media – Hungry Geeks

With Social Media becoming more than being just a way to connect with friends, MMDA launches a carpooling app which encourages facebook friends to course through Manila in a very efficient way with Friend Trip. Developed by MegaMobile Inc., and powered by MMDA this app hopes to relieve traffic by encouraging friends to car pool rather than bring individual cars. Mobile users can avail of this app via Facebook by entering their phone numbers, the app finds who among your facebook friends are using the app and from there you could choose between being the driver or the passenger. The app is free, already available via Google Play store.  MMDA feels that this is a much secure way of carpooling than other services because you will only ride with your friends. Minors on the other hand will be needing parental consent when riding with a friend.  MMDA will also be looking at the exemption from number coding scheme or an extended window hours to driver who would use this app with their friends.


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