SparkJumpers will be holding a grand tournament for its cross platform (mobile and PC) game, EndGods. The tournament boasts of a total 100,000 SGD cash pool, with 20,000 SGD going to the solo champion and another 20,000SGD to the team champions. The final tournament will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Convention Center, Hall E on the 21st of May.

If you are not familiar with EndGods – EndGods is a Online Real Time Action Strategy game that features familiar heroes and legends from various mythologies like Thor, Zeus and Guan Yu on unique battlefield. The gameplay is simple – tap and summon heroes on the battlefield while executing insane combo attacks to win the game. Currently there are over 60 heroes to choose from.


Players from all over South-East can join the EndGods League of Gods torunament in both the Solo and Team categories. However, only the top 48 solo participants and top 16 teams on the leaderboards will be invited to play in the League of Gods finals. The cutoff for ranking on the leaderboards is the 8th of May at 11:59PM.

You may get EndGods on Android, iOS or PC.