MSI enters the AIO cooling market with the MAG Core Liquid series

    MSI is entering the highly competitive market of AIO liquid coolers with the MAG Core Liquid series. Meant for enthusiasts with beefy rigs, the MSI MAG Core Liquid series will be available in 240 and 360mm variants.

    MSI Mag Core Liquid 360RH.

    Four variants will be available in MSI’s liquid cooling series: the MAG Core Liquid 240R and MAG Core Liquid 240RH as well as the MAG Core Liquid 360R and MAG Core Liquid 360RH. Those who an “H” designation will come with MSI’s ARGB controller-MPG MAX iHUB for lighting synchronization.

    MSI MAG Core Liquid 240RH.

    The hub on found on the H series integrates the fan power cable and ARGB control cable to the same box. RGB synchronization and fan speeds can be controlled via the MSI Dragon Center App.

    MSI MAG Core Liquid 360R.

    The pipes on the MAG Core Liquid series uses a 270-degree rotating water-cooling head design for better management on installation. The pump on the liquid cooling block uses a ceramic bearing with a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.

    MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R.

    The 12cm PWM fans on the radiators can adjust the fan speed accordingly depending on the current CPU temperature to reduce noise on light workloads. Channels on the radiators have been increased to 8 to expand the heat dissipation area thus leading to faster heat loss.

    MSI hasn’t announced yet as to when their MAG Core Liquid series will hit the market. We expect more information about their availability and pricing to be revealed in the coming months.

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