How much data Facebook Live consume? – Should you be worried?

zenfone live

With our daily internet needs getting bigger, we also shift to more demanding internet-based connections. It was inevitable for us Filipinos to soon use the latest internet trends, from Mp3 to Spotify music streaming, from videos to streaming apps like Netflix and even photos to live videos.
Every day, we discover more and more ways to connect but also struggle with the increasing data demands but limited mobile data connection. One popular way to share now is being live, it defeats the hassle of editing photos and can let you share in real time what you want.

But this method consumers a lot of data as its a video content, you will need at least a stable LTE connection to upload your video and download as well. Good thing in our experience with the ZenFone Live, we managed to do an efficient streaming with even augmented enhancements.

In doing several streams via lately, we did a 1 hour and 46 minutes stream and resulted to 860mb of data downloaded. This results to an average 7 to 9mbps data constantly downloaded per minute, and this is just 480p quality streaming.

“7 to 9mbps per minute of fb livestream”

But why does it consume a lot of data when you just need to upload? One good answer is that your Facebook account constantly communicates with your stream to bring the chats, feedback and even ensure that the stream is sync or not stuttering.

While this might sound not much of a big deal, a decent live stream should have a 3 to 5mbps minimum upload speed. As well as a good signal reception as it will matter for the video’s stability.

We also tried other sessions of Facebook Live and produced the same result of data consumed. Overall, around 5 minutes of life is already around 45mb average, so just be aware of your consumption to avoid disconnections.

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