Segway Tours have been popular around the world with branches all over the globe from Paris, San Francisco, Bahamas, Canada, Singapore, Tokyo, and many others.

This time around, Segway Philippines has just launched The Navigator: An E-Adventure to the Past powered by Segway Personal Transporter. This unique Segway experience takes you on a trip around Club Intramuros Golf Course. Members and guests can ride a segway to navigate the whole 18 holes golf course while being educated with the historical achievements of the area.

Segway Tours

Caddies are trained to perform the tours for tourists, school visits, and even walk in guests. Aside from the tour, golfers can also use the Segways for moving around the 18 holes.

Segway Tour 2

This Segway tour has a total of 15 X2 Segways with two tour guides in front and at the end of the line with riders basically lining in with a 5-8 feet of space from each other. The first part of the tour is around the 18 holes of Club Intramuros with guides explaining the historic sites, and taking tourists to scenic spots. The tour is explained to last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the pace.

Segway riders will have to pass the requirements:

  • Must be at least 14 years of age
  • Must weigh 100lbs minimum and no more than 270lbs.
  • One rider per Segway PT
  • Intoxicated riding is prohibited.
  • Must wear helmets and other safety gears at all times while riding
  • And have received  hands on instructions and training from a full trained segway employee ( 3- 5 minutes)

Apart from the Intramuros Golf Club, Segway Tours future expansions will include Sunset – Manila Bay, historical – Intramuros, and Rizal Park. All this including their Boracay experience trip, and also Segway rentals in Enchanted Kingdom.

Segway Golf 2

For the Intramuros Golf Club Tours, they have a two variants which are the 1,499Php for 30 minutes and the 1,999Php for an hour of full tours. If you book now, you get 20% off until October of this year. Different rate applies for Golfer, you could rent a segway for 700Php for a full game.

For more information you may visit their facebook page here.