Mobile-Only Version of Netflix, to be Tested in India.

    Announced through a letter to investors via The Verge, Netflix confirmed that they will roll-out a cheaper streaming subscription of their service. The plan will be a mobile-only version of Netflix, and it will start in India as testing grounds with the possibility to expand to other countries.

    More Netflix users, more fun.

    The company previously tested a mobile-only version multiple times in several countries. The pitched plan allows users to watch any Netflix content but only on one smartphone or tablet at a time.


    India has a low Pay-TV ARPU (average revenue per user) market (below $5). With that, the mobile-only service will surely be an effective way to introduce the service to a large number of people.

    It’s not clear whether Netflix would bring this kind of service to other countries or even see the light of day, but it’s an excellent initiative.

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