New For Honor Hero “Gryphon” Coming This December 10

For Honor Gryphon

Today, Ubisoft announced For Honor’s newest Hero, Gryphon, will be available on December 10 with the launch of Year 4 Season 4. Following the recently released Warmonger, Gryphon will be the second Hero added to For Honor’s Year 4, bringing the total number of playable Heroes to 28 across the game’s four factions.

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For Honor’s New Hero “Gryphon”

Previously known as Holden Cross, Gryphon was a great warrior in the Order of the Lawbringers who fought side-by-side with Apollyon in the Blackstone Legion. After her death, he was rejected by his fellow Lawbringers, prompting him to join a mercenary guild and embark on a journey across the world, making friendships in all factions and learning new fighting techniques.  Now equipped with a sturdy polearm named Bardiche, the Knight Errant Gryphon is here to lead the resistance to victory against the Order of Horkos.

Gryphon Available For US$7.99 Starting December 10

For Honor's New Hero GryphonStarting December 10, players can purchase Gryphon from first-party stores for $7.99 as part of a package that includes the new Hero, one exclusive Ornament, one Elite Outfit, three crates, and seven days of Champion Status. Players will also be able to unlock the Gryphon Hero on December 24 for 15,000 Steel in-game.

Full details on Gryphon and the content of Year 4 Season 4 will be revealed on a Warrior’s Den  livestream on December 3 at 5:00 PM UTC+8 on the For Honor Twitch channel,, with exclusive Twitch Drops including scavenger crates, a chance to receive 100,000 Steel or the new hero, Gryphon.