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Marshal is a brand of speaker and headphone which you usually will see in Apple stores like Beyond the Box. They have a reputation in delivering audio equipment in forms of electric guitar amplifiers. Recently they launched their new set of products for Hi-Fi music lovers to enjoy. Here are the products they launched recently
Marshall Mode – Php3,150

The Marshall mode focus on less distortion music so you can enjoy high volumes with less interference. Equipped with remote controls and clips for easy fitting, the best feature of the Mode is it’s unique in-ear design that anchors to your ear but still provides a comfortable fit.

Mode EQ – Php4,450

The Mode EQ on the other hand has a similar feature as the Mode, but it comes with a special EQ switch to quickly customize your sound experience. Mode of EQ comes in warmer music, bass heavy and more on treble for mid and high instruments.

Marshall Action Speaker – Php15,950

The famous speakers of Marshall now comes in a more portable size, but don’t let the size fool you as its still a bad boy. With Bluetooth connectivity and standard connections the Action speaker has 2 3/4″ dome tweeters and a 4″ Woofer for Hi-Fi audio experience.

Marshal Woburn speaker – Php28,500

Built more for size, the Woburn speaker is the latest in the Marshall speakers that delivers full audio experience.It has analog controls for the treble and bass which can easily deliver the highest trebles or even lowest bass. Marshall was gladly to add nifty features such as a power saving mode and standard mode to save on electricity.

Pretty impressive stuff to have, definitely novelty item or conversation piece to own one of those Marshal speakers as well. Pretty much in our experience, Marshall speakers didn’t disappoint us in delivering good music.

You can purchase Marshall at the following stores

Astroplus, Avid Surfer, Beyond the Box, BZB Gadget Hive, Cebu Audiophile, Complink, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Egghead, Heima, iCenter, iCon, iStore, iStudio, Lazada (online), Listen Up, Listening Room, Mobile 1, Odyssey, PC Hub, PowerHub, Quicksound, Republik, Senco Link, SM Music & Video, Spectra, Stored Inc, Switch, Sync, Technoholics, TechSavvy, TechShop, and Technopop.



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