New series alert! – Emerald City now available only on iFlix – Hungry Geeks

Emerald City is a new series based from The Wizard of Oz is now available on iFlix. The new series is made by the world acclaimed director Tarsem Singh, which will surely deliver a thrilling series for all, especially for those who follow the story of Wizard of Oz.

Currently 6 episodes are now available for watching and new ones are added every Saturdays. The story of Emerald City revolves around Dorothy, a 20-year old who is transported to another world through a tornado. He journey to return home will lead her meeting powerful people like Vincent who governs over one kingdom and forbids magic. They face the wrath of growing witches in the kingdom and a possible disaster brought on by a mythical force.

Emerald City joins the exclusive libraries of iFlix such as Mr.Robot, Aftermath, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, The Magicians, Fargo, Aquarius and more.

iFlix offers a 30-day free trial for new users, so its a perfect opportunity to see their exclusives and perhaps subscribe. Just go to



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