My newest everyday companion – D&G Light Blue pour Homme

    Ever since I was a child, I used to borrow some spray of perfume from my parents and one of them was the D&G Light Blue from my mother. To be honest, it was one of the most wonderful scents I have event tried until today. Moving on to my working years, last 2014 I bought myself my own bottle and added it to my collection of perfumes.

    I have always been a fan of D&G perfumes since before, their sense of unique light approach using citrus or floral ingredients definitely captures my iris based scent profile. After 16 years since the launch of the Light Blue, master perfumer Olivier Cresp creates a new chapter of the Light Blue saga with Light Blue Eau Intense pour Femme. 

    Hence, welcome the new D&G Light Blue pour Homme which is for men. The packaging is now sleeker, now in a frosted glass and in a light blue colored liquid and cap. This is compared to the old yellowish liquid and solid blue cap.

    So how does it smell?

    So far the pour Homme is described as a refreshing scent from mandarin and frozen grapefruit that gives the initial top notes. This gives the initial scent that is the D&G signature, which is fresh and light. Once dried down, you’ll notice the hint of masculine with woody amber with a hint of being musky.

    What did you like about it?

    To be honest, this new scent is really different how the D&G Pour Homme approaches. I sense a more subtle approach and you will really have to be close to the person in order to smell it. As D&G’s commercial way to promote it, you get attracted to the scent which is perfect for sensual times.

    So far this is the 3rd scent of D&G in my collection, my D&G Pour Homme is just enough for everyday use without any formal meetings. If I were to categorize the light blue eau intense, it would be for the special sunny day trips. It can be used at night, but for casual occasions and I wouldn’t recommend it for a formal occasion since the notes aren’t that strong of an impression for 1st time meetup basis.

    So far, one usage can last around 4-5 hours in my fair use inside an airconditioned place. While outdoors is around 2-3 hours, not bad but as what I said…it’s not for strong impressions. Think of this scent is more of being close to someone you know or just creating that gentleman impression every day.

    The D&G Light Blue pour Homme can be purchased at 50ml or 100ml for Php 4,000 (50ml)
    and Php 5,200 (100 ml) respectively. If you need a fresh note in your collection especially for iris profile lovers like me, then this is a must have to your collection.




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