News sites and Bloggers, beware. New FB Feed algorithm – Hungry Geeks

The most popular social media platform, Facebook, is again adjusting their News Feed algorithm. It now promotes posts from friends and family members over posts from publishers. It is the second time that Facebook has drastically changed the News Feeds.

The move is important because Facebook has transformed into a big distributor of global news, with many news sites (like us, in Hungry Geeks) relying on it to spread news online. Publishers and alike will find that they may be unable to reach all their audiences on Facebook and it may be a risk for advertising-based business models like bloggers and influencers. Last time, Facebook announced that they would gradually transform into a feed of videos so many publishers exerted the effort to make videos just to reach their followers.

This time, Facebook will now favor links shared by your friends and family over the links that the pages share in the News Feed. Like when we post on our page, it won’t really matter if no one shared the posts to their friends. Facebook did this as they want their users to see more of what their friends and family are doing rather than seeing the latest news because maybe they can just visit another site if they really want to.

We’re not complaining. It’s nice to see Facebook is going after the relationships of each other rather than just being a news bulletin. You can just visit this site if you want the latest news.



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