Nokia Ozo: 360 VR Camera available by September – Hungry Geeks

Nokia announces a next gen camera for capturing audio and video in 360 degrees with Ozo. The device is said to be under preproduction stage and will target businesses such as Hollywood film makers, the media, and the advertising industry and will not be aimed towards the consumer side. The device is expected to be priced at a mid to high five digit USD, will be shaped like a cantaloupe and weighs 6 pounds with eight optical image sensors spaced roughly an eye width apart. Ozo could also capture audio with the help of eight microphones embedded on the cameras.

VR footages before needed to be stitched together to be able to be viewed but Ozo will have live monitoring feature and rapid playback as it could render lower resolution video for a few minutes; this could help alot of film makers who are venturing to VR possibilities in film.

Ozo could be fixed onto a standard tripod and outputs video in standard format. While video shot on the Ozo can be watch from an Oculus or 3D video posted on Youtube. The system should be easily integrated into current filmmakers’ processes.

Ozo will be available on September of this year. If you are an aspiring VR film maker, you may also want to join Nokia’s film making contest here for a chance to win an Ozo camera and some dough.


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