Nokia Returns to Making Phones – Hungry Geeks

Even though Nokia is now owned by Microsoft, they are not being stopped from returning to its old roots.

During the interview from the German publication Manager Magazin, Nokia CEO Rejeev Suri stated that the company is looking forward to a return in the mobile phone business. “We will look for suitable partners,” Suri says. “Microsoft makes mobile phones. We could simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.”

As of now, Nokia is not allowed from using its brand on phones until Q4, 2016, and it is clear that the company plans to simply license its name out rather than create the phones themselves. This is what exactly Nokia did when they released their N1 tablet that is partnered with Android OS.

Microsoft seems to be clearing out any trail from Nokia, and the company is merging its devices and Windows divisions under one business unit.



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