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We always see restaurants to be aesthetically pleasing with various designs, color combinations and even paintings. To mix with the theme of their food or even the ambiance they want for the customers. It gives everyone a more cozy feeling to stay and the ultimate goal is to make you “feel at home” while eating.

One restaurant we’ve been visiting for years is the Old Oven Art Cafe, located at White Plains Quezon City. This small restaurant serves up classic Italian based dishes like pizzas, pastas, gourmet burgers and more. But recently, they moved to a bigger location which is just besides the building they were previously located. With their business getting bigger, I was able to witness the growth of their menu as well. What’s interesting is that the restaurant features art created by foundations by disabled people, so you will be able to appreciate or even buy some art made especially with a purpose. Plus you can play with games such as sungka, board games and even puzzle games while waiting for your food.

Wood and Brick is the main theme of the place. Which gives class yet modernize touches. Sungka on the table You can actually purchase the artwork shown, proceeds will go to the foundation Don’t let the book shelf fool you. You can slide that to access the bathroom.

With a group of four, we ordered several dishes that would mainly fit our appetite

Chili Fries as Appetizer Tomato and Garlic Pizza Bolognese Pasta Perry Perry Chicken Wings

Aside from the food shown, we also ordered two eggs Benedict and 4 orders or Jar Ice Tea. What I liked in Old Oven is the food is served with plentiful in flavor, there isn’t any dish without proper spices, dressing or even condiments. The Chili fries are actually fresh cut potatoes which gives the garden fresh impression, though the chili isn’t spicy at all. We really liked the Tomato and Garlic Pizza which was perfectly cooked, it was crunchy at the bottom while the top was moist and properly given justice with a lot of cheese. The Bolognese Pasta was very flavorful and actually drowning in meat, the pasta was a bit overcooked which explains the very moist texture. But we really liked the Perry Perry Chicken wings, the chicken was properly fried and marinated, the mustard was a good suggestion to mix sourness and sweetness of the dish.

Overall we really enjoyed the dishes which are mainly Italian inspired, so you’ll encounter to see lots of spices, oil and cheese. We just hope to see more punch of spiciness in their dishes.

All of our dishes was only Php1,601.65, fortunately they are now able to take in credit card transactions unlike before in their old location. They used the Globe charge swiper, using the owner’s phone he plugged a small terminal into the headset jack in order to swipe the credit card. Then he just input some info, got the credit card holder’s digital signature and the transaction was done.

Swiping the credit card Transaction compete!

For around Php1,600, a meal for 4 was very delightful and considerably affordable. We really enjoyed looking around inside, appreciating the art displayed, and of course having a gastronomic experience. Definitely we will go back again to try out more of their menu.

You can visit Old Oven Art Cafe from 11AM to 10PM, they also have lunch meals which we will try out next time.

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