Online e-commerce stores rampant fake product selling is alarming

    The recent holiday season got everyone to consider online shopping, to avoid the traffic and even bring some convenience. But not is all good as several online trading sites are hosting fake/counterfeit goods at tempting prizes.

    One case is a post on Facebook where they purchased an Adidas Superstar, instead, they are welcomed with a post of a shoe branded as “Abibas” making it fake and similarly look like the original. What’s worse, according to the post the seller didn’t reply properly to the buyer and just replied “Happy New Year”.

    The post is now deleted, but you can see it for yourself.

    Searching online on the platform Shopee, it reveals several items such as the famous Adidas Yeezy is rampant with fake sellers. The shoe is originally selling for more than Php5,000 pesos but online sellers are seen to sell it at only 580 pesos.

    Other photos also show fake boxes for the Yeezy and some sellers purposely using original product photos for their unauthenticated products. Hopefully, online platform Shopee should act up and fix this rampant fake selling. While Shopee does empower the small business owners unlike other platforms, this practice is an open book and simply wrong.

    ABS-CBN Report also emphasizes in a report that online shopping should be still legitimate from DTI registered businesses and even a protection for buyer returns. Here is a report in tips on how to trust sellers online.

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