OpenSignal ranks Manila Internet as 5th in Southeast Asia

    OpenSignal has published their report about the mobile Internet speeds in Southeast Asia. Based on the report, Manila has been placed at the 5th spot in download and upload speed experience.

    Above Manila are Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As far as mobile video experience goes, Manila ranks 8th on OpenSignal’s list.

    While OpenSignal did not disclose any information per operator, the company has previously released a Mobile Experience Report on the Philippines of how the country operator’s performed. 

    The Mobile Experience Report, published back in March, shows that Smart performed a Download Speed Experience Score of 15.2Mbps and a video experience score of 55.4.

    Download Speed Experience factors in both 3G and 4G speeds alongside the availability of each technology. The video experience metric, on the other hand, uses an International Telecommunication Union-based parameters for measuring video quality.

    Smart was able to boast these numbers because of their significant investments in fixed and mobile networks from 2016 to 2020. Their investment costs USD 5 billion as of now although Smart estimates that they have set aside PhP 78.4 billion more to expand coverage and increase capacity.


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