Opensignal says Philippines has seen improved 4G availability over the past two years

Between the last quarter of 2017 and first quarter of this year, Opensignal says that the average download speeds in the Philippines have nearly doubled from 4.7Mbps to 8.5Mbps (80% increase).

Within the same time period, Globe and Smart have increased their average download speeds 3.5Mbps (84.2%) and 4.3Mbps (78.1%), respectively. 4G availability has also seen an increase in coverage with Globe climbing 14.5% while Smart climbing a further 27.8% from their original percentages back in 2017.

The Philippine government is also forcing telcos to ramp up Internet speeds in the Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterete has even issued an ultimatum to close telcos if they cannot improve their services until December of this year. With Dito and Now Telecom entering as the third and fourth telecommunication companies in the Philippines, Internet speeds are expected to further improve in the near future.