OPPO's SuperVOOC Tech can Charge Your Phone in 15min – Hungry Geeks

Oppo is trying to get ahead of competition by focusing on features that tackles needs rather than being amazing. The Chinese mobile brand has just announced SuperVOOC charging. SuperVOOC charging technology promises to fully charge your handsets in a blazing-fast 15 minutes.

This SuperVOOC technology works with both microUSB and USB Type-C ports and requires a SuperVOOC Flash Charge plug. Unfortunately, this new technology will be available for OPPO’s next generation of smartphones and will not be backward compatible for previous handsets my the brand.

Charging at 5V but capable of directly transferring the power to the battery without any voltage conversion, the OPPO with the SuperVOOC are able to achive 97% of charging efficiency. A 2,500 mAH battery could be fully charge at just 15 minutes! This is way better than Qualcomm’s QuickCharge technology.


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