Overwatch Pro tried Sombra in tournament, fails miserably – Hungry Geeks

Sombra is officially here but professional players may have to avoid her for a while. The problem with an Overwatch tournament from a third party is that if Blizzard decides to drop a new patch or hero, they’ll be force to go through with it. One pro decided to just roll with it.

During this week’s APEX tournament, Lunatic Hai player Esca decided to use the newest and meta-untested Sombra in a match against Mighty Storm which you can watch here (Sombra starts at the 1:08:00 mark):

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Esca used Sombra’s invisibility to sneak behind the enemy team on Anubis. As the invisibility faded, he was spotted immediately by the enemy Ana whom he was shot by a sleep dart and ended up dying immediately. With a few more attempts and some lucky kills, he was forced to swap out the new hero as it was not helping the team.

At least we get to see someone try Sombra in a tournament, right?



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