Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto Suspends Confusing Odd/Even Traffic Scheme

    New Pasig City Vico Sotto officially ends the confusing and controversial ODD / EVEN coding scheme inside Pasig City through his first executive order. He mandates the traffic management task force to review and propose new solutions for the city to improve mobility and traffic.

    He is giving the Traffic Management Task Force 45 days to complete a report and proposal based on numbers and facts. This is great news for the general public and drivers as even businesses are affected due to this traffic management scheme. Several grab drivers are afraid of going to Pasig city with fear of getting apprehended, thus making it harder to commute within Pasig City.

    Vico Sotto also raised the concern of Traffic Officers having quota based targets, which sacrifices the quality of their work instead of actually managing traffic. We salute the new Pasig Mayor in going against boulders and say that this is simply isn’t an effective solution for traffic management.

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