Pay stuff with your heartbeat – Hungry Geeks

Apple’s way of paying with fingerprint is an innovation. Although not yet used here in The Philippines, we’re welcoming it and we are willing to give it a try. But what if it gets on another level. Like paying with your heartbeat?

The Nymi Band is like a portable credit card, which only works when you are wearing it because it uses a sensor to record the user’s heartbeat. This is similar to what hospitals use during an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Apparently, the electrical activity is unique to each individual which allows the band to register a ‘Heart ID’. This is used to authenticate the wearer and allow them to make payments via NFC, the same technology that Apple Pay uses, the only difference is the fingerprint.

It sounds like a futuristic dream, but Nymi is actually testing it out now for Canadian Mastercard users. They are expected to expand the coverage to more number banks later this year.

Don’t expect to see the Nymi Band in any stores soon. But we hope it will be a success in the near future.



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