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It’s hard enough to be inside your home without internet connection, it is even harder to leave home or the office without data. That is why PLDT is introducing the PLDT Home DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299.

PLDT Home DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299 offers 5x faster speeds of up to 10 Mbps and a monthly data allocation of 50GB and a shareable 6GB data to a Smart mobile line. You may add a justifiable value of 299 Php a month for a free mobile phone, or 799 Php a month for an iPhone.

Initial fees for installation is 1,100Php while the WiFi modem is at 99Php per month for 12 months. If you the whole 50GB is consumed you may opt to buy additional 1GB for 49Php, 4GB for 99Php and 10GB for 199Php.

The shareable 6GB can be allocated upto 4 mobile phone lines which you can use even outside your home but all the bills and payments are conveniently under one subscription. This is a sure way to make sure that loved ones stays connected even if they are all away from home.

This is a great way to monitor and control your children’s data spending. You might also want to use this shareable data allocation for entertainment purposes by using it for Net Flix, IFlix, or FOX as well getting your child an Uber when you have an important meeting to get to. In my case, sharing the data with my parents is a sure fire way to help them connect with their old friends, and at the same time I could be able  to communicate with them even if I am away for work. #ShareTheConnection

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