PLDT Google Home WiFi Fibr Plans is the best internet fiber plan we’ve seen so far

    When we just upgraded to Plan 2899 50Mbps last March 2018, we’re now greeted with PLDT’s latest Google WiFi Fibr Plans that are great as it can cover your whole house with fiber speed WiFi without the hassle of buying more routers.

    Why is it cheaper in the long run? Here’s why

    The new PLDT Google WiFi Plans now comes with 3pcs of Google WiFi for high-speed wireless internet coverage in your home. Plus, the free landline is now a good sight as DSL plans before even requires you to get a separate landline worth 700 monthly.

    So this means, the whole 3pcs Google WiFi devices good for a house with 2 floors and covering 100sqm of space is now just Php14,400 in addition. Not to mention the additional 5Mbps or 10Mbps when compared to the previous 25 and 60Mbps plans.

    While this is slower by 20Mbps by the next competitor (50Mbps at 2499), we believe it’s better to fully utilize the speed with a good router instead of just relying on speed.

    Though if your house isn’t that big like just a condominium 2 bedroom, then you don’t really need this as one router is sufficient enough, as long as it’s placed on the right location. But this is great for big houses with bigger demands of internet requirement.

    This solution is similar to the ASUS AiMesh, but you immediately get 3 routers instead of one.

    The question remains right now is that “Will I pay to upgrade as a current subscriber?”. Don’t worry as we already called up the PLDT customer care service for this, you will simply have to send the line owner’s ID and authorization email to applications@pldt.com.ph to upgrade to the Google WiFi plans.

    The upgrade is FREE and will not toll any lock-in charges, but you will be reset in your lock-in period of 36 months as per the customer rep we call on.

    So, we think this is a great offer to future proof your home especially more smart devices are coming this 2019. If you’re like us with a lot of smart appliances and devices, this solution will perfectly fit your home. Check out the plans here

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