PLDT is rolling out free speed upgrades for Home Fibr subscribers

    PLDT has formally announced that they are now rolling out their biggest free speed upgrades for subscribers of Home Fibr. This free bump in Internet speed will now allow PLDT customers to experience twice the speed of their plan for better Internet usage.

    Speed bumps in several plan categories are now rolling out. Speed upgrade include:

    • Plan 6299 – 300Mbps from 250Mbps
    • Plan 4299 – 150Mbps from 120Mbps
    • Plan 2899 – 100Mbps from 100Mbps
    • Plan 1899 – 30Mbps
    • Plan 1699 – 20Mbps
    • Plan 1299 – 10Mbps

    “The demand for high-speed internet is rapidly rising as our customers’ digital needs evolve. These free speed upgrades will definitely enrich the life of subscribers by expanding their access to world-class digital content powered by no less than the country’s undisputed fastest fixed network,” said Butch Jimenez  Head of Consumer Business, PLDT Home Group.

    To receive this free speed boost, PLDT subscribers would need to visit this PLDT Webpage and update their contacts and verify their account.

    Two months ago, PLDT has also been rolling out free speed boosts for their customers. It seems that after an email from PLDT has been received, an SMS confirmation will be sent to the subscriber for their free speed boost.

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