PLDT now offering Fibr Plus plans with WiFi Mesh

pldt home fibr plus

With an increased demand for faster Internet in the home, PLDT is now rolling out their new Fibr Plus plans, which include a free WiFi Mesh for whole home coverage as well as tons of channels for your TV.

PLDT Fibr Plus plans start at PhP 2,499 which nets you up to 50Mbps of Internet speed, 3 mesh devices, and 55 Standard Definition plus 8 High Definition channels. Those who need more bandwidth can opt to get the Fibr Plus 6,099 for up to 300Mbps with the same 3 mesh devices and channel perks. Here’s a quick list of available plans:

Fibr Plus 24993 Mesh, 55 SD + 8 HD ChannelsUp to 50Mbps
Fibr Plus 30993 Mesh, 55 SD + 8 HD ChannelsUp to 100Mbps
Fibr Plus 40993 Mesh, 55 SD + 8 HD ChannelsUp to 150Mbps
Fibr Plus 60993 Mesh, 55 SD + 8 HD ChannelsUp to 300Mbps

PLDT has indicated that their Fibr Plus plans will not have any monthly data caps. This means that once you’re connected, you can browse the Internet without any worries of throttling. You can check coverage and apply for a PLDT Fibr Plus plans via their official website.

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