Pokémon Go now lets you hunt easier with improved nearby tracker – Hungry Geeks

Still playing Pokémon Go? Well in effors of Niantic to make it more playable, they just updated the game with better features to play. One feature is the improved nearby tracker that lets you suggest places where is the nearby Pokémon.

As you can see, there are now photo references where the Pokémon in your nearby tracker it. Clicking on it will suggest the location where you have to walk in order to encounter the Pokémon.

The interface is more interactive now, making the game more enjoyable to roam around as you can actually see where you should go as compared to the previous version where you have to alt-tab and use a third party app tracker to precisely go to a certain location.

Here is a video for better appreciation

Niantic improved the nearby tracker of Pokemon Go by letting you see where to go. Here is what it looks like

Posted by Hungry Geeks on Friday, December 9, 2016

While we welcome this progress for Niantic, it was also teased that the 2nd generation Pokémon is soon to be released. They showed a teaser by December 7th, but it’s already pass the date and there isn’t any significant update as of now. In the mean time, have you caught your Ditto yet?



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